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Business Promotion LLC, Disrespectful Company

I have been in this business a long time and I have never worked with a more shady company than Business Promotions LLC when it comes to online presence. I hired them to take care of my business’ social accounts and web presence. Little did they know, I used to do these things myself before owning my business. They were unprofessional about the way that they communicated and kept certain pertinent information from me. They thought that I would not notice certain things about my website and the posting of my social media. I did, and when I addressed it with them, they denied and said that they take their time because they want to get it “right.” This is after they told me to review my website because it was done. It looked awful. I demanded cancellation because they were not working up to my expectations. They kept my credit card on file and continued to charge me. I had to go to their office and demand to speak to the manager. They even tried to bribe me to take down this bad review! Only a company of poor practice would do so because they obviously have a bad reputation.

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