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Burlington Financial Group, They Hurt My Credit

This company preys on those that have financial trouble and takes advantage of them.
They strongly push advertising about improving your credit score so it interested me. I ended losing $5,000 from them, unfortunately, rather than them helping me. They were very deceptive and misleading about a lot of information from the start, which I did not learn until later. Rather than paying off my debts, they were keeping most of the money that I was paying on top of the fees that I paid from the get go. I feel as though I am in a worse situation than I was before working with Burlington. I would not suggest them at all.

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  1. Burlington Financial is misleading. They are a fraud company and my credit went down from 780 to 591 during the time I was on the program. Also, a credit card company closed my account because it was delinquent.

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