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Bolin Estates, Bolin Estates is Selling Damaged Homes

Tried to sell me a house as an estate that deserved to be a dump. The sales people here are pretty shady and hide a lot of their fees and property details.
When I first looked at the property everything seemed fine, but then I got to know more about it that they were hiding. An inspector found multiple issues with the house including structure issues, plumbing, and broken aesthetics. They even tried to tell me it was an acre, it was less than half that.

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Yancey Events, Yancey SCAM

Yancey Events, Yancey SCAM

The Yancey’s do not even give their presentations, but the people that they have

Dr. Gundry, Dr. Gundry made me sick

Dr. Gundry, Dr. Gundry made me sick

I had heard about Dr

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