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Boca Beauty Academy, Horrible Service and Work

There is absolutely zero good things I have to say about this place. The service is rude, especially the receptionist. If you do not like your job, then get a different one. Do not make everyone else miserable. You have to expect a little less when you are going to a beauty school to get your hair o rnails done. It take some patience if you want to pay the cheap prices, but they should not have people doing hair there this early in their experience. I can see that they are pressured and honestly they just are not ready. I got a hair cut and color done. The color was hideous, Not at all close to the picture I showed, and rather than a shoulder length cut, I got a bob! I cried. It seemed as though she kept messing up so it just got shorter and shorter. Plus management is awful. They will do nothing to compensate if you do not like what was doe, and they are exremely rude and power driven.

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