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Birch Communications/ Fusion, The WORST with Communication

Birch Communications is now called Fusion. They were involved in fraudulent activity of some sort. Imagine that?! They are nearly impossible to get in touch with after they relentlessly contacted my company about services. They offered us a network, phone plan, and a system bundled into one plan. It seemed like a great plan at a fair price. The whole package turned out to be useless. The phone service and network were out half the time, it made business incredibly difficult for a couple weeks. Our customers could not call for to-go orders, and orders were not getting translated to the kitchen through the system. I tried calling customer service multiple times, but they were unreachable most of the time and they were unhelpful. They offered zero advice other than to turn it on and off. I decided to cancel their services, but they wanted $225 and wanted us to pay to return all the equipment. Terrible company and no benefit of using it!

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