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Baconko Travels or Megan Baugh, Baconko Travels Worst Travel Agency

You would think a company with the word “bacon” in it would be great to work, since, well, bacon is amazing, but this company Baconko Travels, is full of grease. Greasy. Slimy. Crappy. Cruddy, oily scum. This travel company is a complete nightmare. They are unorganized. Their website is shit. They have crappy reviews and crappy employees. They charge you for every unnecessary item that you do not need for your travels, arrangements, or tickets. You usually use a travel agent or business like Baconko Travels to get the best deal. These players, especially, Megan Baugh who says she is in charge of this corrupt and vile company will not help you.

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AMC Links, AMC Links

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Al Masah Capital, Al Masah Capital Fraud & Cheats

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