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Auto History USA, Thanks to Auto History, I bought a damaged car

I got a false report about the car I bought on this website. They charge you ridiculous fees too. I had to pay around $20 for 3 months of access, which I did not need, but I wanted to use their site because they claim to have the highest quality vehicle history record. On top of that, I had to pay a dollar per report, and that did not even reveal the whole car report. I did find a car within a few days. What I did not know was that the car had been in an accident because the report did not review that. The car I bought had a severely damaged transmission and engine because it had been totaled. Auto History screwed me over.

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Sterling Management, Hardly Manages

Sterling Management, Hardly Manages

I regret working with this management team altogether

Grand Teton Professionals, Lost My Paperwork

Grand Teton Professionals, Lost My Paperwork

I would highly advise that anyone reading this does not use any of Grand Teton’s

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