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Aspire Sales, Aspire Sales Put My Family in Danger

Aspire did all of the electrical wiring for our new house. It had just been built, so they were the first to even touch the system because they created it. We were excited to finally move in after a year of construction, but we had to wait on Aspire Sales the longest to finsish their work. They missed their work date twice, they were behind on schedule, and they had a lot of difficulty throughout the process. We were frustrated, but they finished the job and we were able to finally move in. A few days after moving in, we noticed that a few of our outlets were not working and some of the lights we had already working went out. My husband swares he noticed sparks. Aspire did a terrible job for as long as it took them, We had a different electrical company come and take a look because we had already had so much trouble with them. As it turns out, they could have put our family n a great deal of danger. The electrical company we hired said that the wiring was not done properly and there were several fire hazards that he discovered.

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