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Arizona Investment & Management, WORST Property Management Company

This is a terrible property management company, one of the worst that you can work with. I had them taking care of a property that we were renting out as we reside in another state.

They were supposed to take care of all of the repairs, and maintenance that the renters needed. They were supposed to be the main contact for our renters. Not even a month later, I got a call from a renter that they were having trouble with the plumbing and were also in need of kitchen maintenance.

Even I could not get ahold of the property management company. They did not answer five of my calls. When I finally got ahold of them, they said that they would take care of the issue.

They still did not take care of anything, even a week later. Next thing I knew, HOA was calling me. I had to fly all the way to Arizona to take care of the problem. I ended up letting them go and hiring someone else. THey defeat the whole purpose of even having property management.

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