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Anthem Tax Services does not save you money

Anthem Tax Services has a motto that says, “Millions Of Dollars Saved In Back Taxes”, and it makes you think, hey, they can help me too. Don’t be fooled. They can’t and they won’t. Instead, they will fill you up with empty promises to help you get out of tax debt or tax refunds. They will sign you up and take every possible penny or future refund from you. Every contact you get from them has a bunch of clauses and payment information to where you will always be giving them money even when your tax debt is settled. There are many dishonest tax relief companies in the world and this one takes the cake for b.s. they spew. All of their positive reviews are paid for. No one in their right mind wants people to know they owe the IRS and shares that information publicly to give this company 5 stars. Seriously, not one is real.


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Yvonne Lowe CPA Warner Lott Duritza & Lowe

Yvonne Lowe CPA Warner Lott Duritza & Lowe

How is this woman still a CPA?

NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited

NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited

They have the worst customer service on this planet

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