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Andrew G. Goddard

Romance Scammer

Contacted me on Jan.12, 2023, via FB. I quickly switched to  Whats App. To continue texts. Said it was a security safeguard. He texted me several times daily, eventually professing his love for me.

All the same rhetoric as with the other women. Finally asked me for 5,000 to pay a diplomat to send my portfolio to me and asked me to keep it with me until he came home from Syria in about a month. All these lies included a marriage proposal and an invitation to meet his daughter, Emily.

Well, the hunter got captured by the game!! When I refused him the money, he got so angry. Calling me all kinds of vile names, he told me I was a con artist and hated me. I went from undying love and husband to be to my hater. He needs to be caught and also needs some therapy. So regret meeting him. He is brilliant. Gift of gab. A seducer, a prodigy of Satan himself.

When I told him I thought he was trying to scam me, he told me never to contact him again and to go f. Myself. A troubled and dangerous individual. The same day we broke up online, I saw another complaint from another woman. So happy she didn’t fall for the trap. Dr.L

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