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American Financial Resources, These brokers don’t know what they are doing

Closing the loan on our house was the most difficult experience we could imagine. They could not seem to lock in a rate with us. They changed it three times. We were charged outrageous fees for their indecisiveness. They seemed very unprofessional and incompetent considering they could not make sense of the situation for us. We have no idea why it took so long. Once they finally gave us a reasonable rate, we have more trouble in communication because we could not get ahold of the proper documents and title. They are just slow and incompetent.

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MTN Matchmaking, Bad Matches

MTN Matchmaking, Bad Matches

I can’t believe I paid this woman to find me a soul mate

Telzio, No Calls For a WEEK

Telzio, No Calls For a WEEK

I know I am not tech savvy, that is why I hired Telzio

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