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American Cosigners, Randi Dorante Scam Artist of American Cosigners

If you come across a company called American Cosigners in California, do not get involved with them, or the owner Randi D. Dorante. SHE is a scam artist and a good one at that. She has been running this operation for years.
She has had to change his number in the past few years because she has been caught before, so if you get a call from 475-882-0077 or 866-311-2130, block it!
She calls people with a great deal that her “company” has to offer, takes their information, and uses it to take their money. It is often the elderly that she takes advantage of, so let your older relatives know. It happened to my grandfather, and now he does not have any money left to support himself in retirement. I hope people see this and do not get taken advantage of either.

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  1. To the person who wrote this complaint…I’d really like to talk to you! I hope there’s someone who sees this that can get us in touch with each other. The same thing has happened to me and others. A group of us has formed. Please contact me!

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