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Akshay “Andy” Anand from KNOCK OFF Jewelry from Karats Jewelers

Karats Jewelers are fraudsters. The owner of the store named, Akshay Anand who goes by Andy to some, is an absolute nightmare to work with and work for. I’ve recently found out that many jewelry companies are in the process of removing their jewelry lines from this store due to overpricing their products and RESELLING them for HUNDREDS of dollars more than the agreed upon price and not only that… he is selling FAKE rings from the brands he has in store. This is another reason jewelry brands are removing their products from his show floors. I bought a wedding ring for my husband from Andy. It took MONTHS to arrive in store after it was promised to me sooner. I almost didn’t have it to give to my husband by our ceremony. When I finally received it from Karats, it didn’t even have the signature pressing in the wedding ring this particular designer. Andy and his team is selling knock off jewelry, claiming its a real piece from a jewelry designers. When I called him on it, he lied, lied, lied to me. Refused to provide me with the right piece and has neglected my calls since. I am so shocked they are still in business. I am not the only one they have ripped off it seems just do a quick search on them. You’ll see. Buy your jewelry elsewhere!!

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