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Advanced Rehabilitation and Healthcare

I wish I could rate Advanced Rehabilitation and Healthcare less than 5 stars. They are not a compassionate or caring rehab facility. In fact, they torture residents with horrible food meals and force them to eat unhealthily and unbalance meals when they promised better and authentic healthy meals. Makes you think about what they are really billing people or insurance companies. How can they promise one thing and deliver another… who else is noticing this? Why is no one else saying anything? People are too content with this awful meal and scandalous behavior by this company. I am seriously shocked no one else is concered.

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  1. If I knew then what I know now, I would of have not allowed my fiancee to go into this facility. My fiancee has a POA that (((HE))) put in place yrs ago. NOBODY IN THIS FACILITY IS HONORING HIS WISHES!!! This place does not answer their phones and when they do it’s VERY UNPROFESSIONAL…. When I ask for people to call me back nobody returns calls. Several times I have gone to visit my fiancee and they had him laying on a bed WITHOUT a sheet on it and no pillow case. The rooms don’t smell fresh. My fiancee has said that the food is horrible. No taste. If I knew then what I know now, I would of have made sure that he went to a different facility.

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