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Ace Cash Services, DO NOT Let them access your bank account

I was contacted by ACE Cash Services by e-mail and over the phone. THey told me I was qualified for a $5,000 loan. I had not even inquired about their services but I answered out of curiosity. They got ahold of my bank information and accessed my account without notice. They did not even ask my permission and I never said that I wanted to go through with the loan. The next thing I know the money is in my account. It put my account under investigation. I demanded that they take the money back. I had to close my accounts and start a new one so they didi not have my information.

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Alan Keith Entertainment, Failed Delivery

Alan Keith Entertainment, Failed Delivery

These people are way in over their heads

Katherine Alex, Lazy Scam Signs

Katherine Alex, Lazy Scam Signs

Not a very creative scammer, actually, she is pretty lazy

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