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Acceleration Capital Group, Unethical Advisors

Very unethical advisors. I felt hurried through the entire process. The information was not fully disclosed to me, or explained, regardless of my questions. I had a great profile, but it was suggested that I sell my accounts that were not doing so well. They sold accounts that I did not authorize, instead. They sold my money to take the profit. They told me that I signed it away, but the page that revealed that in the documentation was not included when I went through the papers and signed.

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Sabharwal Law Offices, Lost Custody Battle

Sabharwal Law Offices, Lost Custody Battle

Dishonest, misleading, and extremely unorganized

Mike Glaspie, Mike Scam Glaspie

Mike Glaspie, Mike Scam Glaspie

You are lying to yourself if you are still trying to spend money trying to get

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