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A Forever Recovery, Do NOT Bring Your Loved Ones Here

DO NOT bring your loved ones here!
This place takes advantage of people with real problems and it is such a shame to see. I took myself out of this program not even a month after being here and admitted myself somewhere else. I knew it was a scam and in all honesty, the staff was absolutely terrible. They were aggressive with the other patients and inconsiderate of space. They even let people smoke! This is supposed to be a place of cleansing and recovery. Very unhelpful. I would not recommend this place to you or your loved ones in need of help. Also, they claim that they take insurance. They do not. Only in extreme cases according to the admin director and it was not often.

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Mountain Summit Financial, Bad Loan Idea

Mountain Summit Financial, Bad Loan Idea

I borrowed $500 from Mountain Summit Loans, nothing more

Cassandra Ramirez

Cassandra Ramirez

Cassandra Ramirez has rightly earned the name CaSCAMdra from me

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